Contrary to popular belief eating your fruits or vegetables every day is not easy once you become an adult. Juicing is a faster way to get all the good stuff you eat. According to the 31 EASY AND HEALTHY SMOOTHIE RECIPES THAT ACTUALLY TASTE AMAZING

Here are four tips to make healthy juice at home

  • Make juice from in-season produce. Juice can be made out of almost any vegetable or fruit. Your home juicing recipe will depend on what is fresh and what you can use before it goes to waste (we see you, the wilted leaf that was buried in the crisper drawer).
  • Juice all the rainbow. It’s important that you juice as many vibrant fruits and vegetables as possible. Stoler says that juices with more phytonutrients will contain more colors of fruits and vegetables.
  • You should use the seeds and peels whenever you can. Juice has vitamins and minerals, but also fiber.
  • You should eat your produce, not just drink it. Stoler reminds us that juice consists mainly of straight carbohydrates and some amino acids if it has vegetables. Although there is nothing wrong with drinking a glass of carbs, chewing your products will ensure you get all the fiber. Stoler says that it takes more time to eat and digest whole foods than pure liquids, which will leave your stomach quickly and enter the bloodstream faster. Consider a cup of apple juice that contains about 100 calories. A medium apple contains about the same amount of calories as a large one, but it is much more difficult to consume and will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

12 Healthy Juice Recipes to get you started

1. Carrot, Pineapple, And Ginger Juice

Main ingredients: whole carrots, pineapple, ginger

Pineapple provides sweet-and-tangy tropical flavors to fiber-and vitamin A-rich cars, as well as spicy ginger.  

2. Celery Juice

Main ingredients Organic celery

The celery juice trend is a testament to the vegetable’s gut-healing abilities. It is also believed to lower inflammation and keep you hydrated.

3. Wellness shots made with lemon-ginger Turmeric

Main ingredients: orange, lemon, Turmeric, ginger

These tiny bottles of the magical elixir are trendy and can be found in a lot of supermarkets. These turmeric-spiked immune boosters are easy to make at home.

4. Simple green juice

Main ingredients: kale, apple, celery, cucumber

Granny Smith apples reduce bitterness in fresh greens. If you feel the need, add a little honey.

5. Watermelon Juice

Main ingredients: Watermelon, lime

You don’t need a fancy juicer to juice this one Watermelon. It is soft enough to be juiced in your blender. It also makes a great base for a margarita…just saying.

6. Vitamin Boost Detox Juice

Main ingredients: carrot, orange, apple, kale, spinach

It’s amazing how many greens you can find in this glass. It’s more enjoyable with fresh citrus and tart-sweet apples.

7. Kiwi Agua Fresca

Main ingredients: kiwi, water

To make an agua fresca milder in flavor, you need to mix fresh juice with cold water. If you feel the need to add agave, we think it will taste fantastic without it.  

8. Orange Juice Super Powerful

Main ingredients: carrot, orange, lemon, nectarine, mint

For your immune system, brunch is a good choice. In no time, this mix of root vegetables, citrus, and stone fruit will be a staple in your breakfast menu.          

9. Kickstart Juice for Immune Boost

Main ingredients: tomato juice, spinach, parsley

Like Bloody Marys? This is the right Bev for your needs. This is fresh tomato juice mixed with spinach and herbs.

10. Apple Carrot Beet Ginger Juice

The main ingredients are beets, whole carrots, ginger, and apple

Add vitamins, folate, and polyphenols to your diet. If you like your drink a little sweeter, add a splash of unfiltered apple juice.

11. Carrot Pineapple Orange Juice

Main ingredients: carrot, pineapple, orange

Psst! This juice, which only has three ingredients, would be twice as healthy if it had a few greens like spinach or kale.  

12. Sparkling Pomegranate Juice

Main ingredients: pomegranate, lemon, seltzer

You can reduce your soda intake by adding plain soda water to a glass of mouth-puckering grape juice.

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