Suggested cleanses

A cleanse or fast might sound appealing after the holidays or at any other time when you haven’t been eating well. Please do your research first before you give up solid food for days on end and replace it with green juices or lemon water. These diets are not for everyone.

Joel Rush, MD Anderson’s clinical nutritionist, says that people want shortcuts. Cleanses and fasts provide us with rules that are simple to follow. As a method of weight loss, they often fall flat.

Cleanses, detoxes, and fasts all have different guidelines depending on the plan that you choose. Participants may be required to drink only juice during a cleanse or to abstain from certain foods. Fasting may be required for patients.

While a fast or cleanse may initially help you to lose weight, these diets come with many risks. You should be aware of four facts about detoxes, edits, and fasts.

Your own body is pretty effective at cleansing itself.

Toxins include chemicals that shouldn’t be in our diet. Toxins can be ingested through your food, skin, or air. Your body will usually remove them by itself. The majority of people do not need to cleanse their bodies to get rid of them.

“Our kidneys are very efficient at removing toxins. Our livers do a very good job. Our colons do a very good job,” Rush says.

Speak to your doctor before you begin a cleanse.

While a cleanse or fast may help you lose weight over time, it is difficult to maintain.

You may lose weight by cleansing or fasting.

Rush says that if you remove certain things from your diet, you will lose weight at first.

After the cleanse, you could gain weight.

He says that “these types of diets can’t be sustained over a long time.”

Exercise can be more difficult if you are participating in a fast or cleanse.

Exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy body weight and reducing cancer risk. If you are fasting or cleansing, you may not get all the energy and calories you need to do your normal exercise.

Make sure that you are drinking juices with complete nutrition if you want to cleanse your body. Consider if you are getting enough carbs, fiber, proteins, and electrolytes. Speak to your doctor if you are unsure. You can ask your doctor if you’re uncertain if cleansing is right for you.

Diet and exercise are more likely to help you maintain your weight loss.

Rush believes that “cleanses and fasts” may appear to be a quick solution. “But developing healthy eating habits is a better method to control your weight.”

How to build a healthy eating plan:

Two-thirds of the plate should be made up of plant-based foods like whole grains and vegetables.

Avoid high-calorie and low-nutrient snacks, particularly.

Avoid sweetened drinks in your diet. You can replenish your body by drinking more water during the day.

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