Digestive cleanse

It is normal for food and waste to accumulate in our digestive system. This includes the colon. This accumulation, however, can become toxic over time. You must know how to clean your colon periodically. This may help you detoxify your body and improve your digestive health. It can also boost your naturally occurring digestive enzymes and assist in better nutrient assimilation.

Colon cleansing can also be called colon therapy or hydrotherapy. This involves flushing liquids through the colon in order to remove toxic waste deposits. You can also do this naturally.

You can also use natural ingredients as an alternative to hydrotherapy and colon cleansing. Although many of these methods may seem to work, they are based only on anecdotal data. These colon-cleansing methods should be used with caution and under medical supervision. Continue reading to learn more.

What is a natural colon cleanser, and how does it work?

Natural colon cleansing is a great way to detoxify your body. The goal is to remove feces naturally from the colon and intestines. Colon therapy is another name for colon cleansing.

Take supplements: You can take them either orally or through the rectum. This will help you expel the contents of your colon. Colon cleansing products are readily available at supermarkets, pharmacies, and other drugstores.

Colon Irrigation – This is a procedure in which colon hydrotherapists inject gallons of filtered water through a tube that’s inserted inside the rectum.

Self-Administered coffee enemas: An alternative colon cleansing therapy. Consult a naturopathic doctor before using this method.

Add colon-cleansing herbs to your food or drinks. You can also try colon cleansing powder and pills recommended by your physician. These methods are all effective for cleansing your colon. These practices have been studied, but the evidence is limited. A natural colon cleanse may have some benefits.

What Are the Benefits of a Natural Colon Cleanse?

Natural colon cleansing is thought to be beneficial in removing undigested substances. Cleaning your colon improves your vitality in the following ways:

A report found that 776.120 men and 768.650 women had a history of colorectal carcinoma (CRC) in the US as of January 1, 2019. 35% of them were diagnosed in the last five years. Over 56% are aged 65-84. The lifetime risk of CRC for men is 4.4% (1 in 23), and for women it’s 4.1% (1 in 25). The longer life expectancy of women makes it so that despite men having higher rates of CRC, the lifetime risk remains similar. The risk of CRC is also affected by age and race/ethnicity.

Medical Treatment Options

Water or laxatives are used to cleanse the colon in conventional colon therapy. Colon Hydrotherapy is the use of water to flush out the colon. (1). Barium enema and intravenous pyelography are also used, particularly in preparation for intestinal surgery 2.

Any scientific evidence does not support these methods. It is suspected that frequent colon therapy can have severe consequences, including dehydration and the inability to function normally. Do not overdo the colon therapy.

Now, we will explore some natural ways to clean your colon.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia, also known as Malabar Tamarind, suppresses appetite and boosts metabolism. This is because of the compound hydroxycitric (HCA). Garcinia Cambogia helps to flush out toxins and may help you control your weight, inflammation, and glucose tolerance.

Apple Juice

Apple juice can be used to cleanse the colon. Apples contain pectin, a fiber that has both soluble and insoluble properties. ( – ). It bulks up your stool, making it easier to pass. It may help you lose weight. Apples may also inhibit colon cancer cell growth ( 6 ), ( 7).

What You Need to Do

Cut the apple into small pieces.

Blend the pieces in a cup with water.

Apple juice is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin C.

Drink a glass of water after 30 minutes.

How Often Should You Do This?

Repeat this daily for at least three days.

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Lemon Detox Drink

Lemon water is a great colon cleanser. Lemons contain vitamin C, which can boost metabolism and aid in detoxification. (8). This nutrient also acts as a natural antioxidant, protecting your body against free radical damage. ( 9). According to a study, the lemon cleanse diet (which consists primarily of lemon juice) can also help reduce body fat.

What You Need to Do

Add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of lukewarm filtered water.

Mix well the honey and salt.

This lemon detox drink is a great way to cleanse your body.

How Often Should You Do This?

Take this in the morning on an empty stomach.

Note that since lemons are acidic, you should rinse your mouth after consuming them with plain water to avoid erosion of the enamel.

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