The Sirtfood diet could be another fad

Plants produce phytonutrients to aid in their growth or defense. The potential health benefits of phytonutrients are still being researched.

The idea is that eating foods rich in polyphenols , referred to as “Sirtfoods”, will increase the body’s ability to burn fat, boosting metabolism and leading to dramatic weight loss .

Sirtfoods are apples, soybeans, kale (85% cacao), blueberries, strawberries and dark chocolate (85% cacao). They also include red wine, matcha, olive oil, onions, and olive oils. Red wine and chocolate make up the Sirtfood list, which is why it has gained some fame.

Two phases

The diet consists of two phases spread over three weeks. The total daily energy intake during the first three days is limited to 4,200 Kilojoules (or 1,000 Calories).

You can achieve this by drinking three green sirtfood juice drinks, which include kale celery rocket parsley matcha green tea lemon juice. You must also consume one “Sirtfood meal” such as a kale and chicken curry.

You can have 2-3 green drinks and 1 or 2 meals on days 4 to 7. This will give you a total of 1,500kcal (1,300kJ) per day.

In the second phase, which is the next two-week period, the total daily energy intake should range between 6,300-7500 kJ (1,500-1800 kcal), with three meals and a green juice. You can also have one or two Sirtfood snack.

You can purchase a Diet Book that contains the recipes.

After three weeks the recommendation is that you eat a balanced diet rich in Sirtfoods and drink regular green juices.

Red wine is considered a “Sirtfood”. It should be consumed in moderation. Kelsey Knight/Unsplash


Many people will be attracted to the idea of losing weight quickly in three weeks.

The eating plan promotes polyphenol-rich foods, which are also good sources for vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. It can be used in diets that aim to help with weight loss, or as a part of a balanced, healthy eating plan.

Weight loss will only be successful if the diet achieves a sustained daily total energy restriction. The daily energy restriction is the main benefit of the Sirtfood Diet. You will lose weight if your diet is followed.

can also lower their risk of chronic diseases by avoiding energy-dense and ultra-processed foods.

There are also some disadvantages.


You should be careful about the portions of some foods, like red wine and chocolate.

Phase one is a challenging diet and not recommended to people with health conditions.

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The rapid weight loss in the first phase will reflect a loss of water and glycogen , the stored form of energy in muscles and the liver, rather than being all body fat.

Rapid weight loss increases the risk for gallstones, and Amenorrhoea.

There are some products on the list that you may not be able to find in Australia. For example, loveage is a European plant with green leaves. Its roots can be used as vegetables, and its seeds as spices. Other items on the food list are expensive.

Sirtfood can cause rapid weight loss. But that isn’t always a positive thing. Shutterstock

Sirt science

The majority of research has focused on the sirtuin mediated effects energy restriction in worms or mice, as well as specific tissues. There have been no studies that test the effects of diets with varying polyphenol contents on sirtuins’ ability to mediate weight loss.

PubMed is a scientific database that contains research studies. A search of PubMed did not turn up any trials on humans. The short answer to whether or not the Sirtfood Diet works is that we do not know.

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