Juice Cleanse Journey: Before and After

Follow these guidelines to maximize the results of your HOME Juice cleanse.

Follow a simple diet that is easy to digest and high in nutrients for 1-2 days before and after your HOME Juice Cleanse.

A juice cleanses of three, three, or five days can be challenging. The most difficult part of the cleanse is preparing your body (pre- and post-juice cleanse) and increasing the benefits of the juice cleanse to make it easier to transition to your regular diet and lifestyle.

You can start seeing results by removing heavy, creamy, rich, or fatty foods from your diet. Get rid of all starchy bread, packaged foods, and frozen items. It is essential to eat and drink cleanly. But, avoid foods and drinks that are difficult to digest. This can disrupt your digestive system and cause you to be irritable.

It will help you detox and heal your body by releasing energy. For optimal results, a juice cleanse is not an all-in-one solution. This is a continuous process, so we recommend you subscribe to our monthly, fortnightly, or weekly HOME Juice Cleanse programs – depending on your lifestyle and your financial budget.

You will see better results if you follow the steps below:

Eliminate all preservatives, stabilizers, and colorings. Organic Veggies and Fruits are preferred.

It is strongly advised to eliminate Red meat, Pork, and Deli meats with Nitrates. This is a good source of protein but is very difficult to digest and contains many enhancers and other not-so-easy nutrients like Fat and Carbohydrates.

You can choose organic chicken, turkey, and cooked fish if you don’t eat meat.

– Stop drinking coffee, tea, and other energy drinks. It is complicated for Melbournians to stop drinking coffee every day. However, green tea or herbal tea can be a warmer option.

– Alcoholic drinks are our best friend when we need to feel happy, but they can also be our worst enemy when it is time to get rid of them. Eliminate all alcohol, including wine, beer, and spirits. Drink plenty of flat water or ALKALINE water from Home Juice, which has a high Ph value and is infused with superfoods like goji, green tea, and spirulina. Warm water with fresh lemon juice will make a big difference in how you start your day.

We all buy the latest condiment from the supermarket, but it doesn’t last long. It would help if you did not use ketchup, sauces, or flavorings that come in bottles. For a healthy meal, use fresh herbs and spices instead.

Avoid oily, greasy, or oil-laden meals, snacks, and lunches. You can find healthy plant-based soups and salads at HOME Juice and Salad Bar, Bourke Street, or the sister brand HOME Vegan Bar, Collins Street, if you’re in Melbourne CBD.

The general rule of thumb is to reduce the amount of oil used in cooking and use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and other nut oils to flavor your salads.

Dairy products are delicious when eaten, but they can be difficult for your body to digest and convert into energy. It takes much longer. It is best to avoid dairy, yogurt, or ice cream. You can try almond milk, coconut yogurt, or another plant-based option.

We offer a dinner alternative through HOME Juice. Our Cold-pressed flavored Almond Nut milk has 350-450 calories and is incredibly delicious. You can choose from Vanilla Bliss or Chocolate Love as well as Unicorn Mylk, Chocolate Love, or Coffee Mylk. These flavors include dates, maple, mesquite and cinnamon, pink Himalayan Salt, raw cacao, and maca.

– As an extension to NO Dairy Products, you should eliminate eggs as they contain high cholesterol and too much-saturated fat that is difficult to digest.

– NO Wheat or similar products – No wheat bread, bagels or pasta, crackers, cookies, or pasta. Quinoa should be used with lots of fresh produce.

Avoid sugary products and treats. To satisfy your sweet tooth, choose a few pieces from ripe fruits. Next time you visit Melbourne City, stop by HOME Juice and Salad Bar at Bourke Street and HOME Vegan Bar at Collins Street. Try our RAW desserts, which don’t contain sugar, preservatives, or dairy. Items such as Protein Paleo Bliss Balls and Raw Caramel Slice and Cheesecakes have natural sweetness like maple and dark agave and are 100% Vegan and Gluten-Free.

Finally, avoid peanut butter and peanut butter. They can cause a toxic reaction. You can substitute Almonds, Hazelnuts Cashews, Coconut, Organic nut butter, and Coconut.

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