This easy homemade green juice recipe only requires six ingredients and takes 15 minutes. It’s easy, healthy, and packed with nutrients. It tastes so refreshing!

This juice has been my favorite for two months. It’s my favorite time to drink in the morning. This Mediterranean-friendly recipe is one of many vegetarian dishes that my family loves.

I am probably the last person to get on board with the green juice revolution! Although I have enjoyed green juice in the past, it is something I find somewhat disappointing.               

So I decided to start juice making and have been doing it for two months. It’s a great way for me to get rid of excess produce, and I love the refreshing taste of green juice. Personally, I have seen great results in energy and immunity, as well as other health benefits.

– Why drink it?

– What is a simple recipe for green juice?

Which time is the best to have it?

– Can you make green smoothies in the blender?

It is easy to make green juice. It takes just 15 minutes and six ingredients.

Why do I drink green juice?

I am not a fan of the 3-day green juice detox. I also don’t drink green tea to replace breakfast, even though it sometimes does. It’s something that I have added to my daily routine in order to get more vegetables.

In the Mediterranean way, I eat more vegetables, fruits, grains, and lean protein. Sometimes I need more vegetable power, so adding homemade juice to my diet has been a great way to get it.

While the benefits of green juice may seem a bit skewed, I want to share my personal experience with why I like it:       

Additional dose of plant. Based nutrients This juice is used to increase my vegetable and green intake, as I mentioned earlier. I can juice multiple servings of vegetables into one drink, which is easy to consume and rich in vitamins, Vitamin C, fiber, and minerals, as well as a little iron.

You feel more energetic throughout the day. Just a few days after switching to green juice for breakfast, I felt so much more awake that I could finish my afternoon coffee in no time.

– To curb my cravings. No problem, I still enjoy a healthy snack from time to time, such as a handful of nuts or avocado with some za’atar. However, I don’t like sweets as much (and that’s a huge deal for me).

– Enhance detoxification. In fact, my mind goes to a good vegetable broth when I think about a detox. However, I have found that homemade juices with greens and veggies can help me kick-start my day and reset my system.

What’s it good for? Ingredients:

– Kale –you can’t go wrong when you choose this super green! Any variety of kale can be used. One whole bunch of organic Dinosaur Kale was used, which has smaller leaves. If you are using a blender to blend, take out the hard veins.

– Ginger – I have found that 1 inch of fresh ginger, with the skin removed, works well for me. If you like the flavor of ginger and would like to make it a little more, you can. It is great for digestion and gives you an extra boost for your immune system.

– Granny Smith Apple These are the sweetest of all the apple varieties but still provide enough sweetness to the green juice. Granny Smith apples are low in carbohydrates and provide vitamin C, which can help reduce inflammation. You can also use other varieties of apples. Honey Crisp apples are a good choice if you prefer your green juice sweeter.

– Celery: Celery is probably the only thing I have in my juice. This recipe calls for 5-6 celery stalks. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. However, I find that it also provides good digestive support.       

– English cucumber. Any kind of cucumber can be used here. However, English cucumbers (those with thicker skins) are sweeter tasting and easier to juice. I enjoy adding cucumber to my juice because it provides ample liquid for this juice and a refreshing flavor.

– Parsley – parsley is an important part of the Mediterranean Pantry. I use it in many recipes, not just as a garnish. It has a refreshing, herby flavor that I love. Plus, it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Making Green Juice:

It’s easy to make green juice at home.

1. Clean and chop your vegetables and apples. The juicer I use allows me to cut large pieces of fruit and vegetables.

Tip :To save time, prepare this step one evening in advance and store your fruits and vegetables in a tightly-lidded glass container in the refrigerator.

2. Juice (or blend). This is the Breville juicer (affiliate Link), but any blender will do.

3. Drink

If I don’t own a juicer, could I use a blender?

This green juice can be made in a blender. This is how you make it:        

Unless you have a Vitamix (affiliate), which can handle large chunks of food, cut the apple and vegetables into smaller pieces. It’s a good idea for kale to remove any hard veins.

– Add all juice ingredients to your blender. Cover the blender and turn it on to the highest setting, “liquefy.”

– The juice will be thicker and more like a smoothie. Simply pour it and enjoy.

– You don’t like pulp in your juice. Use a small mesh sieve and pour the juice through it. Then, use the back end of a spoon to push the pulp into the sieve.


I rarely make the same green smoothie every day. It’s actually a good idea to mix things up. Here are some tips:

Try substituting kale for spinach or other leafy greens.

– Use tangerine or peeled orange to add citrus. Both tomatoes and carrots add sweetness to the juice without being too sweet.

– Avoid over-eating sweet fruits like pineapples. To keep sugar levels as low as possible, I only use one apple in my juices.

For herbs, you can try basil or cilantro. To give it an extra boost, I add a pinch of organic yellow powder.

How long does this juice last?

It is best to consume green juice immediately. For me, green juice is best consumed immediately. However, make sure to read the instructions on your juicer. Some juicers allow you to store them for up to 24 hours in a tightly-lid glass jar or other container provided with your juicer.

Another satisfying drink that I like is the banana shake.

One last important note: people with certain medical conditions shouldn’t consume green juice. Some may also not be able to tolerate it. If you have any questions about green juice, please consult your doctor.

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